1. Official Language
    The official language of ICSS2019 is English. All presentations including Q&A will be delivered in English.

  2. Guideline for Participants
    1. Conference Venue: Minakami Hotel Juraku
    2. Registration
      Check-in Time of Registration:
      15:00 PM ~ 18:00 PM, March 30th, 2019
      08:30 AM ~ 17:00 PM, March 31th, 2019
    3. Computers with Internet Service at Conference Center are by Minakami Hotel Juraku. Wireless network is also accessible.
    4. Conference Kit
      Conference kit, which contains final program, name badge, tickets for lunches, banquet and official receipt, will be provided to participants during check-in at the Registration/Information Desk.

  3. Guideline for Oral Presentation
    1. The presenters and session chairs are asked to keep to the paper sequence as shown in the Final Program. By following this predefined schedule, participants can switch between sessions without missing the particular papers of interest.
    2. ii. The presentation time for each presenter is 12 minutes including Q&A. The session chairs should allow every presenter for 10-minute presentation and 2-minute discussions. All presenters are requested to report their attendance to the session chair 10 minutes before the session begins. If there are only 4-5 presenters in a session, then the session chair should allow the presenter for 12-minute presentation and leave 3 minutes for discussions.
    3. Notebook PCs and LCD projectors will be available in every session room. Presenters are encouraged to prepare their files in MS PowerPoint format on a USB and copy into the PC at session room before the session begins. Our session aids will assist the presenters to copy the file. If you wish to use your own notebook PC, please make sure your device is compatible with our projector before your presentation.
    4. For unexpected events that cannot be handled on the spot, you may request through session chairs, session aids or make a direct notification to the Conference Secretary Desk.

  4. Guideline for Poster Presentation
    1. Standard Poster Size: 50 cm (width) X 100 cm (length)
    2. Please use the template to print the poster.


    Template of Posterimage host